Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fabolous- Brooklyn We Go Hard freestyle

FABOLOUS Pictures, Images and Photos
My man Fab goes in!

Freeway ft James Blunt- When I die

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This is the last week of Month of Madness =( I know it's almost over. But on this jam Free gets a little personal & let's his soul bleed. He always bring that realness when he spit & I commend him for that.


Usher- Take a Ride

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This song reminds me of how the world is going digital. This is a new feel from Usher, it's more up-tempo. I'm definitely feeling this joint


Nas- Queens Get the Money (unofficial video)

Queens Get The Money Music Video from ENCYCLOPEDIA on Vimeo.
This is a nice video directed by Racmaninoff Productions.

Lykke Li ft Drake & Mickey Factz- Little bit remix

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Assouline x Cole Haan leather bag

If you're ever in NY pay a visit to the Assouline flagshop store in the Plaza in New York and goes for 450 USD.
Check out the Assouline site for more info HERE

Blue Suede Shoes!

These are designed by Nicholas Kirwood.
When you buy these it's like you're making a statement.It's like you're all of your female peers to step their p*&@y up! as Nicki Minaj would say. You can get these at Luisaviaroma

These are snazzy!

Polo Ralph Lauren "Ranger" Boots

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Weezy's blog is back!

And I am sooo not excited..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family Matters christmas episode

Merry Christmas Eve people!

Nike Retro Air Max fall 09

Most likely you can get these over at Sneakerhead in a few more months. To get more news on this release pay a visit to Kicks on Fire

Comm on Sound Session

Common's Universal Mind Control x KUBE 93's Sound Session (Pt. 1) from DJ Hyphen on Vimeo.
My man Common talks about working with Kanye West, the Neptunes, Mr. DJ, Cee Lo & more. He also tells behind the scenes stories on every song on his latest album UMC.

Common's Universal Mind Control x KUBE 93's Sound Session (Pt. 2) from DJ Hyphen on Vimeo.

Hit Georgey! haha ^_^

The world’s most famous shoe-thrower, Muntadar al-Zaidi, will be going on trial December 31 for “aggression against a foreign head of state.”

Click the pic to test out your throwing skills

Jim Jones- Scarz

The hook is pretty clean but the first verse sound like Wayne wrote it. You be the judege.

Im over here stackin' my chips! ^_^

'dream in conflict' is the first solo show by liu jianhua in italy. the focus of the exhibition is the multifaceted
nature of human beings – their dreams, temperament, character, inclinations, desires and weaknesses.
works on show include: 'unreal scene' gambling chips and dice are placed one on top of another to form
the outline of shanghai. 'the boxing age' is an installation consisting of ceramic boxing gloves inscribed
with the names of different countries.'the crown of desire' an enormous, shiny crown sculpture and lastly
'dream' a large installation interpreting the columbia space shuttle disaster.


This Jacket is Baaaad!

Get it at Whyred

Teriyaki Boys ft Pharrell- Work That

I dont really like these guys because I never know what they're rapping about! I guess this one is about big butts. Check it out

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Really Doe ft. Kanye- Plastic (swipe my card)

really doe Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh my God! Kanye spazzed on this track! & so did Really Doe! One of the best songs of the year! Its old as dirt but I was on listening to 88 key's playlist & he had this joint on it.
"I aint tryna stress my wealth but sometimes I just have to American Express myself & when the pastor ask me why Im flashy, well sometimes I gotta bless myself"


This is crazy!

Think Progress reports "Earlier this week, A.C. Thompson of The Nation revealed that after Hurricane Katrina, white vigilante groups patrolled New Orleans, blockaded streets, and shot at least eleven black men. It “was like pheasant season in South Dakota. If it moved, you shot it,” said one vigilante. Color of Change is organizing a campaign to tell Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) and state officials to investigate the shootings, as “Louisiana’s broken law enforcement agencies have refused to investigate these crimes.”

Break the silence. Post the link to this video everywhere you can think of so something can be done about it!

Balmain Studded Crystal Sandle

You can preorder these over at Luisaviaroma
View more of Balmain's collection go HERE

New Beyonce!!!

At first I use to hate this song! but after seeing B do her thing Im in love with it & her tush! I might have to buy Liz's copy of her CD. ^_^ Hov better watch out because when I get my money right Ima' scoop from him!

G-Shock 25th anniversary watch

Im not really into G-Shock watches I just rather cop a Cheapo from Urban Outfitters & watch time click away. But if you do enjoy these fine pieces get yours here at In4mation

Pencil Bench designed by Boex 3D

design duo boex 3D created this bench using 1600 bright pink pencils.
each eraser-topped-pencil is individually sprung and can be removed for use.

As soon as I saw this I imagined my aunt Shirley flopping her wide a$$ on one of these & it cracks in half haha ^_^

They're here!

Well they been here but they just went up for sale. The A.R.C Saucony's! I want a pair. I just might cop the grey. I think grey has become my new favorite color or the maroon. Get yours over at Rivington Club.

Ikea art by Christian Giroux & Daniel Young

I try to get to stuff like this before Kanye does. That guy is quick on his feet when it comes to stuff like this. Or should I say quick on his fingers lol! ^_^

Christian giroux and daniel young are two canadian artists who now work together in the creation of
sculptural art. the two collaborate in a variety of strange ways since they live over an hour away from
each other. the two swap digital files and design drawings and in the end translate their works into
physical reality. their artwork combines found objects that are mainly furniture pieces from ikea and
additional pieces made from aluminium or wood. using the ikea furniture as a starting point, the two
build out or on top of to create a variety of geometric sculptural work.


Slick Rick- Children's Story

Childrens story - slick Rick
haha this video is rather amusing. The best storyteller of all time!
Ayo do me a favor and Check out JUAN HERE

A Different World christmas episode

A lil something to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas to all on behalf of The Unusual Suspectz

Everyone be safe & wish me luck as I fly out today at around 2pm. There's alot of bad weather on the west coast & a plane crashed. (It wasnt flying though) Man I miss my partner N blog (Vick) I dont know where she is. I hope she got a phone for Christmas. But yea I want ya'll to go out and party and join us tomorrow for great posts


Wale x 9th Wonder "Back to the Feature" Cover

Looks pretty dope to me. Lets hope it sounds as good as it looks. While you're at it check out Wale's new video for "Nike Boots" which in my opinion is long over due.

Michael Jackson is not ill!

Even though he looks very sick in that photo, Michael Jackson's publicist wants you to know that, despite a tabloid report to the contrary, he "is in fine health."
The United Kingdom's Sun newspaper started a stir Monday morning when it quoted the author of an upcoming book about Jackson saying he was battling a potentially fatal disease that required a life-saving lung transplant.

Other papers echoed the Sun's thinly-sourced story and the rumor spread quickly through Internet message boards.

By Monday afternoon, Jackson's spokesman issued a response that said "The writer's wild allegations concerning Mr. Jackson's health are a total fabrication."

"Mr. Jackson is in fine health, and finalizing negotiations with a major entertainment company & television network for both a world tour and a series of specials and appearances," said Dr. Tohme Tohme, identified as Jackson's "official and sole spokesperson."

Despite what people say I think MJ is sick in the head, but that's just me.

Know1edge x Fiberops Stadium Jacket

Celebrating the handover of Hong Kong to China, 10 years ago, Know1edge & Fiberops collab once again.

These are smokin'!

One word FIERCE!
The Marrakech boot by Sigerson Morrison is available for order now. expect a big price tag on these.

Kanye Caught Lip-Synching?!

No he did not lip-synch on SNL(saturday night live) but people thought his performance was so bad that he should have. ha! I feel bad for Ye. 08 just hasn't been his year. The people are turning their backs on him. Note to Kanye: They smile in your face all the while they wanna take your place, they're backstabbers! But dont worry, I'll always support you. Even though I never purchased a Kanye West album, but I bought all of Lupe's albums though! Check out the performance below

Monday, December 22, 2008

T-Wayne- He Rap, He Sing

haha This lil Wayne character is pretty funny if you ask me. More like a comdeian than a rapper. (there I go being bias) This is a little footage of T-Wayne performing a cut off their up & coming album in LA

Clipse- Road to Til the Casket Drops blog 3!

ReUp Gang Blog 3 from on Vimeo.
Once again I find myself on the edge of my matress while watching a Re-Up Gang video! They keep teasing me! All I can say is go get it when it drops.

LL better than Slick Rick???!

I'm on Charles's side on this one. I love to see hip hop heads discuss who's the best rapper. I just love that type of controversy. Oh incase you're illiterate when it comes to hip hop some notable faces in this video are Joe Budden, Charles Hamilton, Royce da 5'9, Joell Ortiz, & DJ Enuff.

Maroon 5 Call & Response remix album

I am here to tell everyone that this album is great! And I dont throw that term around too often. Man you can listen to it when you're getting ready for school/work, working out, or partying.

Call And Response:The Remix Album is A mix of polished pop/rock and neo-soul sex appeal made Maroon 5. It features remixes of hit singles and tracks from Maroon 5's first two studio album's Songs About Jane and It Won't Be Soon Before Long by various artists and producers such as 'If I Never See Your Face Again' -Swizz Beatz Remix,'Wake Up Call' -Mark Ronson Remix featuring Mary J. Blige, 'Sunday Morning' -Questlove Remix plus Just Blaze Remix, C. "Tricky" Stewart Remix, , Pharrell Williams Remix, DJ Quick Remix, David Banner Remix, The Cool Kids Remix, Bloodshy & Avant Remix,Of Montreal Remix, 'Deerhoof Remix, Tiesto Remix, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Doc Remix, Premier 5 Remix, Sam Farrar Remix and Cut Copy Galactic Beach House.

Maroon 5: call & response remix album


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Freeway - Long Money

freeway Pictures, Images and Photos
Download/Stream here
This is song #21 from freeway's month of madness