Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally Found It!

Man I've been trying to find the name of this song for about a year & I finally found it. Thanks to @illmatic on Twitter! It's called 'Golden Skans' & it's by the Klaxons.
I first heard it almost every time I walked into Urban Outfitters. Then all of a sudden after a few visits they stopped playing it. Well that doesn't matter because I finally found it!

Urban Outfitter's $20 Sale!

Alright so I was sitting here listening to Jay-Z & I was like "hmmm I wonder what's new @ UO. Turns out nothing that I liked. But I did like these items! And I encourage ya'll to check out the sale section. ^_^

You can find all of these items here.

Vick Sorta Kinda Making a Beat or Two

There is one more video to come of this foolery!

Kid Cudi= Mr. Solo Dolo

This has a nice vibe! Just listen & zone out.


Cassie+Diddy= Must Be Love

I like the song but it's kinda hard to take someone serious when half of their head is shaved. I wonder who wrote Diddy's verse. I also wonder if these two have something going on??? Who knows...

Tisa/Phenomenon+MCM Leather Goods

So Taz Arnold decided to team up with MCM to produce these fine luxury leather goods.

These will be available on the 27th here.

Kanye West @ The Chicago Theatre

Kanye hit up his 2nd Stay In School Benefit Concert in Chicago last night. He performed for Chicago students who had perfect attendance and performed well with his and his mom’s foundation.

Ye forgot the words to Amazing. smh

Throwback : Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

I love this beat....DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YA'LL!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jeezy= I get a Lot of That

Retrosun Vintage Carrera Sunglasses

Looks like these were made to be worn on a boat.

You can find these @ Net-a-Porter.

Paper Air Yeezy's! by Felippo Perin

I don't know why I didn't post these when I first seen them.

Louis V Lego Bags ^_^

Created by Chiu Keung

The Clipse+Pharrell=I'm Good

This is going to be the best album of '09! I don't care if Blueprint 3 drop this year.

The Alchemist+Maxwell+Twista=Smile

I love this song! And the concept of the video.
I remember my homie Chels put me on Alchemist a while back. Thanks Chels! ^_^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Charles Hamilton FTL

Complex Magazine recently compiled this list of Charles' Fails....and they used officer Ricky for the fail factor! DANG...The video above is a figurative embodiement of this list lmao


For All Those Who Couldn't Witness This Historical Moment!

(for some reason the video won't play anymore. Go here to view it.)
Yep ladies & gents I cut my hair....Like I don't know what else to say...
Make sure you press the big play button in the middle or it'll send you to the site.
UPDATE! So after I went out like Britney Spears & cut all my hair off, I paid a visit to the barbershop. This is the outcome of that.

I like it. I think I look better & I feel better. I just gotta get use to my head being cold and maneuvering my head without accounting for my hair anymore.

BBC/IceCream Season 9 Lookbook

The jacket is my favorite piece from the whole collection.

You can peep out more pieces from this collection here.


The newest member of Cash Money drops another cold one!

Kanye On The View

He talks about going on tour with Lady Gaga, his new book, & his upcoming concert in Chicago. (Skip to 0:35 to avoid the Heartless intro.)

Curren$y @ HOB in New Orleans

I don't know if this was later on in the show but homie needs to work on his stage presence. It's cool to be lackadaisical while performing at a small venue like the House of Blues but when he starts to go on tour with guys like Wale, Cudi, or Asher Roth, he's got to add some life into his performances.

Throwback: Young Barack Obama

O-Beezy was a real fly cat!

Hammer Pants Dance! ^_^

I've seen this on other blogs & ignored it. Until I saw it again on Kanye's blog yesterday. Soooo funny! Like it started out normal. People were shopping & all of a sudden, people with shiny baggy pants raided the store! EPIC! ^_^

God of War III Demo

My cousin told me how great the first one was. I've played the second one on PSP. I must buy the third one on PS3! Oh & make sure you enter a birthday that makes you 18 or older.

Pictures From Jay & Em Performance in LA