Saturday, March 21, 2009

Curren$y at SXSW

R Les- I-R-I-N-A

Got Next: P.O.S

I discovered P.O.S on Spin magazine's 'Top 20 must hear artist from SXSW in Austin' post on their site. I was like "mann this beat is dope." Then I started paying more attention to his lyrics & I was immediately drawn into this guy. Here's a little background info on him.

P.O.S was born in Minneapolis as Stefon Alexander, where everybody still calls him Stef. As a little kid, he developed a fascination with an older cousin’s bass guitar. Stef was allowed to take it home and he banged on it happily for years before realizing that it was intended to be played through an amp. “I just thought it was supposed to be a quiet instrument.” As a teenager, he fell hard for punk rock. Minor Threat, At the Drive-In, Refused, Kid Dynamite. He played in a series of hardcore bands, sometimes as a drummer, sometimes on guitar and vocals. From the start, he preferred basement shows to club gigs. Simultaneously, he pursued hip hop, rapping in the hallways and after school with classmates who would eventually found Doomtree Records. P.O.S released his first rap record, Ipecac Neat, on Doomtree in 2003. After signing with Rhymesayers shortly after, it was quickly released and widely distributed on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The album earned P.O.S a dedicated following of critics and underground fans. Two years later they devoured his melodic sophomore release Audition, which featured collaborations with heavyweights like Slug from Atmosphere; Craig Finn of The Hold Steady; and Greg Attonito of The Bouncing Souls. On the verge of his third release, with his trajectory unchecked, P.O.S still doesn’t take himself too seriously. He doesn’t sweat the musical trends. He locks himself in his bedroom studio until the early hours of the morning, emerges with a song, and couldn’t care less how someone else would have gone about it.

Yep so he sounds like the type of rappers I enjoy. Don't give a f&*k about what anyone else is doing, he just does his own thing

Check out his video for 'Optimist' which recently premiered on MTV2 & MTVU. It's dope!

If you like what you saw listen to more of his tracks.


Check out his myspace HERE for more fresh sounds.

Sun Sessions w/ Asher Roth


10 Minutes of G.O.O.Dness

G.O.O.D music basically having a team convention at SXSW. Cons on the cam as usual.

Quality Time..

I get a lot of flack for not posting things like this from this particular person. ^_^ But ok this had to be the wackest spring break ever! I procrastinated the whole time. I said I was going to take care of a few college things but I didn't. (I finally decided to today) I said I was going to wake up early & go running everyday. I only did that once. Yep procrastination is my biggest flaw. But it's never too late to do what I had set out to accomplish. I just came from the post office to purchase a book of stamps. And I bought a few envelopes also. While walking to CVS I remembered to buy a memo pad to start my Dream Book. I got a colorful 4x6 inch memo pad to jot down my dreams like I said I would. I encourage you to start your very own!
Oh & don't forget my sidekick, my little bro. I took him along on my journey also...Wait scratch that, he's more like Batman & I'm Robbin. It's his world, I just live in it. But back to the get back.. I took my lil man to McDonalds & instead of being the prune that I usually am, I let him play in the play area because I love to see him smile. ^_^ (cliche but true) I just realized that my days with him are numbered with me going off to college & all. So I will try to spend as much time as possible with him now.
Oh & I spotted a magazine called D Magazine. Check out former president George Bush. ^_^


Almost Throwback : Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha

lol I have this stuck in my head...this beat is amazing! Ya'll know I LOVE me some P.Willy..riiiight!

Bonus: This is one DOPE ass remix!

N.E.R.D ft Santigold- Popcorn

Live in Singapore. Make sure you press the HQ button.

Gourmet spring 09 Epi collection

Wale ft Lady Gaga- Chillin'

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wow That Was Quick

I think Cudi holds the record for the shortest retirement ever. It's only been 4 days since he prematurely retired. Cudi also slips up & call Austin Houston.

Fat Joe- Hey Joe

Joey samples Jimi Hendrix on this one. I don't too much care for the lyrics but the beat is hard! And despite what others may think, I think Joey has been pretty consistent for the past 3 years. His past 2 albums have been pretty solid in my opinion

Lil Wayne + Pimp C+ T-Pain- Let's Talk Money

Sometimes I think people get desperate to make a song because I really didn't see the need to sample this song but don't listen to me, hear it for yourself.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All Play No Work..

Ok I was doing my daily double on Worldstar & I found these two. HILARIOUS!

New Claes @ 80's Purple

All of these are available at 80s Purple

Tabi Bonney- Rich Kids

Kid Cudi on Carson Daily

Bless Duo Fringe Glasses

I'm on the internet everyday & I barely check my email..
Available at Colette

The Knux- Fire

Nice to see the hometown kids doing their thing!

Lloyd Banks- Truth Hurts

This is one of the best tracks I heard from him in a while.

Puma L.I.F.T commercial

Real dope stuff.. make sure you watch in HD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


lady sleeping Pictures, Images and Photos

we all have them...we been sleeping on the science posts and I'm in World Civ hella, stupid bored so here you pic eh?? That's how I fee!l lol

From the 1940s to 1985, Calvin S. Hall collected more than 50,000 dream reports at Western Reserve University. In 1966 Hall and Van De Castle published The Content Analysis of Dreams in which they outlined a coding system to study 1,000 dream reports from college students.[4] It was found that people all over the world dream of mostly the same things. Hall's complete dream reports became publicly available in the mid-1990s by Hall's protégé William Domhoff, allowing further different analysis.
Personal experiences from the last day or week are frequently incorporated into dreams.

The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are more common than positive ones. The U.S. ranks the highest amongst industrialized nations for aggression in dreams with 50 percent of U.S. males reporting aggression in dreams, compared to 32 percent for Dutch men.

]Adult themes
The Hall data analysis shows that sexual dreams occur no more than 10 percent of the time and are more prevalent in young to mid teens.[4] Another study showed that 8% of mens' and womens' dreams have sexual content.[6] In some cases, sexual dreams may result in orgasm or nocturnal emission. These are commonly known as wet dreams.

Recurring dreams
While the content of most dreams is dreamt only once, many people experience recurring dreams—that is, the same dream narrative is experienced over different occasions of sleep. Up to 70% of females and 65% of males report recurrent dreams.

Common themes
Content-analysis studies have identified common reported themes in dreams. These include: situations relating to school, being chased, running slowly in place, falling, arriving too late, a person now alive being dead, a person who is dead being alive, teeth falling out, flying, future events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. (with different scenarios), embarrassing moments, falling in love with random people, failing an examination, not being able to move, not being able to focus vision, car accidents, being accused of a crime you didn't commit, suddenly finding yourself naked, going to the toilet, and many more.

Color vs. black and white
Twelve percent of people dream only in black and white.[8] Studies from 1915 through to the 1950s maintained that the majority of dreams were in black and white, but these results began to change in the 1960s. Today, only 4.4% of the dreams of under-25 year-olds are in black and white[citation needed]. Recent research has suggested that those changing results may be linked to the switch from black-and-white film and TV to color media

Kanye On The Morning Show episode I lost count!

Like I said before, every time I see one of these I always want to pass it up & when I start watching it Kanye always says something incredible! This guy has analogies for days. Check out the 3:30 mark & listen to him mention 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Charles Hamilton- Loser

Videos aren't interesting anymore..
Make sure you click the HQ button. It looks a hell of a lot better.

3D Avatar in Baseball Cards

Am I the only one who thinks that Topps(creator of baseball cards) are a few years late on this invention?? Honestly who cares about collecting cards anymore?? I gave it up when my entire collection was wiped out in Hurricane Katrina. Vick might still collect Pokemon cards though! ^_^

The Cajun Crawler

Oh my God! This thing is crazyy! It's almost like a Segway with tiny little feet. It was created by the students at University of Louisiana in Lafayette. I think I wanna go there now!

Beyonce in Vogue Italia

I know Vick said no more Beyonce posts but I absolutely love these photos of her! I'm diggin' the vintage look.

Constructing an Outfit w/ Ralph Lauren

Ok so everyone stand back while I deliver my one-two punch!

First up I spotted the Color-Block Racerback Dress. At first when I seen the front I wasn't so crazy about it but..

when I seen the back I was like "yea this one's a winner.

Of course what's a dress without the matching bag to go with it..

And last but not least, the Pasha Platform Sandal to compliment your feet. Hopefully those toes will be done haha

You can get all of these pieces at Ralph Lauren

Consequence ft Kid Cudi- Buggin' Out 09

I'm really upset with Cud at this moment so I'm just gonna act as if he's not in the video. Moving right along Cons & C*&# link up to remake A Tribe Called Quest's classic joint, 'Buggin' Out'.

Special Ed- I'm The Magnificent

Special Ed - Im The Magnificent -

Those outfits are hideous like in all throwback videos but I will admit that those dances go hard! And why would someone want to call themselves Special Ed??


this was my face when you took that low was worth a whole post!

well not really but Imma post it anyways!

but to make this worth while, here's what Urbandictionary says a "Jawn" is


a word used by people in philly, it can mean anything, like a fine girl, a blunt, really, it can be used for everything. it basically means "thing".

Oh yeah it was origin8ed in PHILLY not NY
Yo pass me that jawn
Dayum that jawn is fine as hell
what the F*** is that jawn
Yo....Who took that jawn

Murs- Me & This Jawn

Jawn is up north slang for I don't know what. I'll have to ask my buddy Mike. But yes that is pornstar Roxy Reynolds... I know his hair stinks.. Oh & that beat is so soulful

Wale ft Curren$y- Wordplay

nice beat from 9th Wonder.. & awesome wordplay from these two.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Need One Of These!

No better yet I'd buy it for Vick. Then she'll have no excuse for not posting lol ouch! low blow I know. Love you Vick ^_^

E-Pod for iPod, etc.

The E-pod acts as a speaker, movie projector, and alarm clock for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod. I'm not too wild about its design. It reminds me of one of these joints.

Another Dope Site!

It's called Polyvore & it is sooo awsmazing! I haven't really gotten a chance to play with it but from the looks of it, it's pretty dope. What you do is mix and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage. You can also browse and shop thousands of looks created by web's largest fashion community. I think it's only for women though but I'll still sit here & throw a few things together when I get bored. You could use Polyvore if you run out of places to shop online also. But go ahead & play...thank me later ^_^