Saturday, February 7, 2009

About to head to the mall..

Why would I be bumping anything else but this?? This cd is bad!

Will.I.Am - Songs About Girls

Keri Hilson- Turn Up the Radio

Big Boi- Ringtone

Ok so I'll be kinda falling back from music because I just think those download links are a hassle to you all. I'll just try to find it on Youtube or Imeem. If I dont't then I'll just wait for it to be uploaded somewhere. But this is a nice joint from half of the Outkast duo. It's gonna be on the radio now so get use to it. Check for his album Sir Lucious Leftfoot.

Ringtone - Big Boi

Friday, February 6, 2009

Road to "Till the Casket Drops" video blog 4!

KAWS on the artwork this time!

Soulja Boy vs. Bow Wow Lambo beef?

son, really though...who buys a White Lambo...that shit is poo! Bow Wow shittin on that nigga son! lol But's full coverage of the whole thing!

what ever happened to Marco Polo??

Your Sooooo FINEEEEEE! lol

my friend Kevin kept saying this and I was like where did that come from! Here it is! Too funny!

Nat King Cole- re:Generations

Man I am glad I spotted this video! I don't know if you've heard already but Nat King Cole has an upcoming album called re:Generations. It will consist of remakes of Nat's 13 most known songs. The album will have features from Just Blaze, Cee-lo, Nas, The Roots, Stephan & Damian Marley, & many more! This album is aslo executive produced by his daughter, Carol Cole. It is set to release March 13th. I will really try to remember that date!

Photography by Jason Parez

Had to steal it from Kanye.

Mickey Factz interview with Soleblvd

Mickey tells an interesting story about Supras.

hahaaaa Officer Rickyyy!

Mann people can do some incredible things with Photoshop. But listen to 50 talk about Rick, Oprah, & the Grammys.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

J Davey live at Afro Punks

Find more videos like this on Afro-punk

Soooo dope. She has balls to shave the side of her head like that!

Just Watch the videos

This is too much to explain. It's soooo dope though. It was created by students from MIT (a real good school)

Lil Wayne & Katie Couric (full)

Curren$y- Scared of a Monster

Curren$y Pictures, Images and Photos
This is suppose to be a single from his album, This Aint No Mixtape.



As you all know, I've recently become an advocate for shopping thrifty!! lol Yes Rich, this post is dedicated to you! I just went over to the Stussy site to look at the new stuff they got in and they have a great sale!!! Almost all the guys tee's are 17 dollars, and thats affordable in my book so Imma post a few picks of my faves and the link to where you can buy your own!! WOOP WOOP!

well there you have it folks! all of these are PRICED ON A NICE BUDGET OF $17 DOLLARS!!

get yours HERE

Now What If They Played This In The Club???

So, I was watchin tv yesterday and a commercial for pull-ups comes on and its this song called the potty dance and all the lil kids are doing it! I was joked out so I decided to do a lil more investigation about it and what do you know, THERE'S A WHOLE SONG!!!
yessssss indeed!!! THIS IS REAL!

Young Chris ft Wale & Bun B- Searchin


I've said it before & I don't have a problem saying it again

This guy is on his $hit when it comes to modeling Still don't know his name. Hey doesn't matter! He models for 3sixteen though & this is their spring/summer collection.

They have 40% off everything. Visit their shop HERE. The coupon is fortypercentsale

Im back on my grind, blogging's back on my mind..

Rich & killa Vick the blogging world is ours!!! Just felt I had to make a statement. Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I'm going to use the flu & lack of inspiration as my excuse. But check these!!

Y-3 Honja High

I'm going to annoy Vick about posting affordable stuff. It's income tax time. Pump that money back into the economy. I recall her buying a pair of Y-3's... Don't be a hypocrite Vickyyy.. Check out more views of these sweet daddies

You can get 'em at OakNYC. Be sure to check out more of their products. They sell sweet jeans!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Paper Chaserz "da franky"

lol Ok so my homeboy Eric sent this to me. After about two minutes of talking his shit, Franky himself does his dance. And what do ya know it's called the Franky.

Beautifullll I just want you to knoww you're my favorite girrrl

Mann this girl is beyond pretty! & she has good hair. (Is that her real hair??) Oh well atleast it looks real. Might I add she owns a denim shirt just like me ^_^. Her name is Vashtie Kola & she's a director/party promoter. Ahhh a cutie with vision. I like... But check out her interview with Hypebeast HERE.
She always has a clothing line. Her site Violette is pretty dope.

Nylon Tv + Pharrell

My man P Willy does a photoshoot with Nylon mag & blabbers about somewhat important stuff.
Check out his McCallister boots at 1:20. I want those!

Rick Ross- Mafia Music

Listen for the 50 cent diss. I think Rick's album will be one of the hardest rap albums of the year.


thats all that need to be said.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So here's a video of a drugged up little kid post dentists office and his dad blowing his high pretty much....

Throwback : Clipse f/ Pharrell - Grindin'

This beat needs to be in the hall of fame for being one of the hardest beats ever created....

Mythblazers! full episode 3

Ok so I'm sick & I have nothing else better to do than to watch these guys



These two are too much for me. Is there gonna be another season of Keisha's show??

India Arie ft Musiq Soulchild- Chocolate high

Chester French- She Loves Everybody

Gotta love these guys.

Monday, February 2, 2009

hahaaa Coldblooooded

50 interview Rick Ross's baby momma. She exposes him!

Curren$y- This Ain't No Mixtape (snippets)

currensy Pictures, Images and Photos


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lil Wayne ft Pharrell- Aye Man

pharrell and lil wayne Pictures, Images and Photos

lol these two should just stop working together. Nothing but wackness. The beat is nice though.