Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chad= Airplanes & Parachutes

Ok so this was Chad's 2nd mixtape that I never got to hear because it was in .rar format. Someone he got it in .zip. I actually like this one better than 'Second 1st Impression'. Dude's metaphors are off the wall. He's on my fav. artists list!

Cassidy= Apply the Pressure mixtape

Damn, I almost forgot about this guy. Cass actually brings it lyrically. The Dj just scratches too much & brings the beat back way too often. Which is a pet peeve of mine when listening to mixtapes.

Jeezy= Trappin' Ain't Dead mixtape

I've been feelin' young a lot lately. This is suppose to be some new songs. He goes in on that 'I'm Goin In' song w/ Wayne & Drake on it. This is worth the download.

Kanye Talks About His New Book

Sounds like this book was written for me. I'm apart of the people who are non-readers, who don’t feel like doing all that, he was talking about. The written report said it drops June 7th but Sway says it drops on the 14th. Whenever it hits the shelves I will be @ Barnes & Nobles to cop it. And don't you hate the commercials before MTV videos??

Friday, May 22, 2009

Haha Dude Must Think This Is World Star

So I was strolling back through recent posts & I spotted this. Some idiot took his sweet time to do all of that. I'm not even mad, just a little puzzled.

Things Like This Makes My Day!

Things like this is the reason I log in everyday & post until my fingertips get sore. Thank Ya'll! Oh & I hope she doesn't get mad at me for putting her on blast haha! ^_^

Vhils='Scratching the Surface'

Since he chisels I guess it is safe to call him a sculptor?? It doesn't really matter what his job title is, the guy's work is dope!
Go to his site to view more of his phenomenal creations.

BBC/Ice Cream New Releases

Sad to say, I don't own any BBC/Ice cream products. I do look forward to purchasing a tee in the near future though.
Cop yours BBC/Icecream store.

Five Four summer 09 Lookbook

You can shop this collection @ their online store.

Royal Paisley Club Short @ J Crew

I got my eye on these. Get 'em here.

Jazmine Sullivan Falls On Stage

hahah & the funny stuff keeps rollin' in. If that was me I would have canceled the show.

smh King James= Here Comes the Train

This type of shit makes me mad. I get into it with east coast peeps about the south not being all about dance songs & then I see this shit on 106. Like c'mon fam....a 2 yr. old could come up with this shit. smh that's all I could do.

Lmao! Charles Hamilton Gets Hit By A Chick

I swear I watched this about 10 times. As soon as I seen her stick him, I got a flashback of that Oh you mad cause Im stylin on you video These up north chicks is vicious! Got me shook to even visit up there. But as usual Charles gets handled on wax. Nothing new here. Serious Jones did him in, the lil white boy busted his ass in a rap battle a while back & Rhymefest son'd him. I still ef's with him though.
Click here to hear her talk about the incident.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congrats to Rihanna!

Damn, back-to-back diva posts. Rihanna was recently awarded the Island Def Jam Spring Collection event. She sold a whopping 12 million records to date since her first album.
How bout more naked pictures to celebrate??!

Check her out posted up w/ Pete & Jeremih.

Beyonce= Ego

Speaking of the devil, here's B's new video for Ego. And for some odd reason I don't believe she's talking about a guy's ego.

Amerie= Tell Me You Love Me

First off I would like to say fcuk Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara because they ain't got (poor grammar) nothin' on this chick!

Ohh & no download link for this. It's a cut from her upcoming album, In Love & War.

Drake Deads Rihanna Rumors

(Looks @ the screen w/ a face full of confusion) You don't put an end to rumors of you & one of the hottest chicks on earth! If anything you atleast play into it or just don't say anything at all to leave the possibilty in the air. But I haven't even listened to this yet.

Two Socialites

No need for an introduction. Paparazzi & internet community know these two real well.

How can you not like these two??

'Fuck Your Clique' Tee by Triumvir

Get yours here

TK Society Sneaker

You can also find these in purple @Karmaloop.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Passion Pit= The Reeling

Passion Pit - The Reeling from phantomcolor on Vimeo.

There's some snazzy visuals going on in this video.

If You Don't Support Your Artists No One Else Will!

Today I copped Blackout 2 & Back On My Bullshit. That makes 3 albums in one month if you include Camron's 'Crime Pays'.

I look like a bum.

Money Over Bitches Stacked Necklace by Steven Shein

Get it here @ Karmaloop.

Mickey Fact= Who's Hotter

This beat is mean!


Jesus Walks!

(crosses his heart) Hallelujah!

Women Nike Gladiateur Mid.

It appears that Nike must have seen Nancy Wu's Nike Remix Project. You can buy them @ Colette.

Air Jordan 12 "Nubuck"

These are set to drop May 30th. And they will retail @ $150. One of my compadres told me $185. Fam must have had a bad bag of dope. I think I'll pass on these though. I missed out on the black & white 1's that were apart of the XI/XII Countdown Package released on 12/20/2008 so I think I'll re-up on the red & black 1's that will be coming out later on this year.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SantIgold=Your Voice

Download — Santigold - “Your Voice”

Curren$y+Wiz Khalifa= Rollin' Up

These two will be putting out a tape within a few days called How Fly


Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeremih= Birthday Sex Acoustic

After viewing this I appreciate the guy's talent even more. I thought he was going to be a one hit wonder. But his voice makes me believe different. I think he has the voice to compete in the R&B world.

Constructing An Outfit w/ Net-a-Porter

Washed leather biker jacket

Alice + Olivia
Cara silk-blend cutout dress

Giuseppe Zanotti
Cutout rivet sandals

Do me a favor & cover your eyes while you're purchasing all of this. I wouldn't want to be the cause of your heart attack when you see the price tags. Click here to await your fate. Ohh & scroll down to see the heels & jacket ;).