Saturday, February 14, 2009

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Bizz Chiffon Embroidered Medallion Tunic Dress in Teal

Bizz Chiffon Neck Tie Pintuck Dress in Black

Bizz Chiffon Neck Tie Pintuck Dress in Coral

Lotta Stensson One Shoulder Ruffle Shirred Dress in Black

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This one is for Hip Hop!

Consequence & Kid Cudi - "Buggin Out 09" Promo from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.
Cons, Kid Cud, & Plain Pat discuss the remake of A Tribe Called Quest's track Buggin' Out.

This Site Is Sooo Dope!

(click the pic to enlarge)
It's called Image Spark & it's for people with no life like me ^_^. It's like a big image sharing community. You can look at the coolest pictures uploaded by normal people like yourself. You can upload pictures by right clicking on ANY picture on the web & click on Upload to Image Spark. Of course you have to download their plug-in to execute this. But it's worth it. No it's not like Photobucket. You dont get links for the pictures, you just look at them haha. It might seem pointless to most but it's another thing to do when you get bored. Check it out Image Spark

Missy ft Teyana Taylor & Pharrell- Put It On You(Snippet)

Somebody tell the point point of rapping/singing in pig latin. Nice beat though

Harlem Heights

This does look interesting. Although it doesn't look too real, it looks like I can learn a thing or two from this show. Career plans, love life, etc. It premieres March 2nd on BET. Tune in


This looks mad fun & easy! No more busting my ass on my skateboard ^_^.

Billionaire Boys Club Gold Rucksack

Available at the BBC/Ice Cream site.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lil Mama ft Fanny Pack- Truly In Love

I can't front, this is a good song. I would like to hear someone else sing it though. Nice video too.

Constructing An Outfit w/ J.Crew

& you get free shipping when you spend $150 or more. Just enter CS-989 at the checkout.

Ok soo this is my Mardi Gras outfit so don't steal this!
Up first we have the lightweight cotton-wool cardigan. It can be dark blue, it really doesn't matter.

The 9 inch broken-in-chino shorts will go well with the blue cardigan

As for shoes, you can wear the suede Mc Callister boots for $135

As for accessories I like these:

Lady Gaga- Love Game

This is like the 2nd video from her this week.

Some Afternoon Gossip.

lOVERS Pictures, Images and Photos

According to Bossip, Lauren London has a bun in the oven! And they think it might be for, guess who?? Wayne! It's not shocking at all to me really...we shall see in a few months...Here's what someone close to her had to say

Last night my friend told me that Ms. London is expecting a baby and is 4 months pregnant. Although I can’t tell you who the father is, I can say that he is one of the top rappers in the country. Much love and let me be the first to send my congratulations and love…

Kanye's Air Yeezy's & Louis V's prices..

Word on the street is, Kanye's Air Yeezy's are going to be from $250 to $300 & the Louis V's are going to be around $600-$800. Yep I'll kiss my dreams of having both of those goodbye. Because if I ask my moms or pops to buy me a pair of sneaks that cost hundreds of dollars, I think I might end up missing a few teeth. But hey maybe your pockets are deeper than mines & you don't care. Wish I could give ya'll a release date on 'em. Stay posted though.

Joakin Phoenix Raps??

joaquin Pictures, Images and Photos

he used to be really nice looking...
the moral of this story is leave the drugs alone! PLEASE!

apparently so, here's a video of him on the David Letterman show below and one of him back when he was normal...


Drake- So Far Gone mixtape!

Cant say that I've been waiting on this. I know a lot of people have though. Don't really like him since he started rapping with Wayne.


I'm On a Boat!!! lololol TOO FUNNY!

Andy Samberg is hilarious!

Bonus: Jizz in My Pants

Aubrey O’day (from Danity Kane) Covers Playboy

Hmm don't know what to say about this. Does anybody care?? Didn't think so.

Charles Hamilton- Well Isn't This Awkward Mixtape

Watch him talk about the mixtape

What's with this guy & Sonic?? I'll download the tape when I get home & tell ya'll how it is.DOWNLOAD HERE

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throwback : Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day

This Is For You Rich...

...and you know why! lol

Lady Gaga- Eh Eh

Kanye On Big Boy's Neighborhood

Jennifer Hudson- If This Isn't Love

Fabolous Live From His Penthouse

Estelle- Superstition

Giiiiirl What Does She Have On????

I guarantee that's all you'll hear if you wear these. And that isn't always good. I mean these are pointless. You can get a draft on the bottom of your feet. Highly uncomfortable. But these are from Celine's spring 09 collection.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

$25 sneaks at H&M

Oh My Goddd!

Get yours at Esty.

Spotted at Instant Vintage

I almost forgot!..

This guy's album dropped yesterday! I might go get it today if I can sike my moms up to bring me to the mall.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Dream- Rockin' That Thing

Ting Tings- We Walk

Robin Thicke- Dreamworld

Love this song!

Is this necessary??

The more I look at this, the more I start to like it. It's the Pillow Jacket created by Henrik Vibskov. Looks like a pancho to me. Get yours at The V Store.


Hyden Yoo spring/summer 09

Smoke by Jeffrey Klassen

Check out more of his work at Enslaved Light

Mario ft Rihanna- Emergency Room

I think she's gonna' need an emergency room after that beatdown! hahaaa

Monday, February 9, 2009

At first I wasnt going to post this but..

I wanted to show ya'll what my job would be if I was to ever become a rapper. I would always be that guy behind the guy that's rappin'. For example, the chick in the brown shirt in this video. Rece Steele is delivering the bars while she delivers the ad-libs. You might want to skim towards the end of the video to see her.

Ok besides all of that, Rece gives us an update on her career. She also talks about winning Ms Rap Supreme. Oh & did I mention she said f&^% Nicki Minaj!? Yes indeed she did. hahaaaa

I Just Got An Epiphany...

If a chick with a bangin' body wears this I think I might start to drool. You can't go wrong with tights & heels along with this. But if you have that bangin' shape that I'm talking about, don't wear anything under this. Oh by the way, it's called a Rojas

You can order this piece at

Breezy Facing Up to 9 Years!!!

baby chris3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Those hard ass LA niggas might me singing "Gimme That" soon is R&B crooner Chris Brown is found guilty! Apparently she gave him a little gift called Herpes... 

Here's an update from our last post...

Chris is being investigated by the LAPD for an alleged domestic violence felony battery that occurred early this morning near Hancock Park in L.A. Police officials said earlier today they may arrest Brown when they find him. Well, now they know where he is.

According to the female victim -- who cops refuse to identify -- she and Chris got into an argument which turned violent. Cops say when they arrived at the scene, Brown had split, but the woman had "visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker."

Brown and his girlfriend Rihanna were together earlier last night, attending Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party -- and both canceled their scheduled performances at tonight's event.

Brown is currently being interviewed by detectives.

Here's his inmate report, Rihanna's claimed was said to be filed under Robyn Fenty...which is her real name...

Asher Roth- I Love College

I'm going to be living this life in a few more months!

She Wore My Cheapo!

This baby is a sweet gadget to pick up chicks. They see the little speaker part on top & go nuts! They always ask me "hey is that one of those watches that you can talk to people with??" I give them a slight chuckle & say "nah, you just press the button & it tells you the time". Of course I give them a demonstration. So fellas I suggest you get one. They're only about 17 bucks.

Get yours at Urban Outfitters.