Saturday, January 10, 2009

Must Hear!

I had many chances to download this mixtape from Melo-X but I passed it up each & everytime that I saw it. Until my homie Chels reminded me & boy I wanted to kiss her!


Young Christ ft Wale- Searching

young chris Pictures, Images and Photos'

These guys hook up for the 3rd time & they have yet to drop the ball.


Christina Milian- Us Against the World (sneak peak)

Neyo- Im doin ok

Ne-Yo Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm sitting here like, why Neyo????
This just made me laugh. Hated it


Lebron James vs David Kolb

King James loses in a game of HORSE.
sad sad

This is craaazy!

11 year old Vohn Beats showcases his talent. Check out more of his videos on Youtube HERE

Levi bites Supra???

A true sneaker head would not cop these but a true sneaker who's pockets are hurting will haha. These will retail at $65 a pop. That's almost half the price Supra charges.

Obama in a comic book???!

Yep, Spiderman to be exact.

According to this BBCNews article, “The story is set on 20 January in Washington DC, where Spiderman’s alter-ego, photographer Peter Parker, is covering Inauguration Day. When an imposter turns up, Spider-Man leaps into action, greeting Mr Obama with the words: ‘Hiya, prez-elect! Loved ya in the debates.’”

I am totally convinced that America has the coolest president ever! Kudos to Obama.
Click HERE for a video behind it.
I know Vick & all the other comic book readers will love this. I might even have to go buy this historical issue.

Jasmine Sullivan ft Fabolous- Lions, Tigers & Bears

FABOLOUS Pictures, Images and Photos

This dropped like a week ago. I really love this song.


Pharrell x Atelier WM Candles

BBC/Ice Cream released this candle via web store and at the NYC Flagship Store. Only 200 were made.

Pharell at dinner in Miami

Pharrell Drop from ferris bueller on Vimeo.

This guy is always giving out helpful advice & motivation.

50 Cent- Play This on the Radio

50 cent Pictures, Images and Photos

"I aint no Jay-z, f&%^ you Oprah!" hahaha
Fif goes at almost everybody on this track. Unlike most people I still f&%^ with fif.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Biggie- Juicy

Big rips some cat. I think he was 17 at the time.

The Dream ft Mariah Carey- My Love


He really needs to switch it up.


Lil Wayne ft Pharrell- Yes

pharrell and lil wayne Pictures, Images and Photos

When I saw this I aint gonna lie, I got excited. Because I knew no matter how bad Wayne sucked, Pharrell was going to hold it down. DEAD WRONG! I couldnt wait until this song was over but I didnt want to exit out the window. Only thing this track left me with was WTF?! Waste of time.

These are stupid!.. in a good way


Designed by Loren Kulesus. There is no word yet on when you can expect these.

Palm Pre

The product features a curvy touchscreen which measures 3.1 inches, however it also has a slide out keyboard for typing. like the iphone, the pre can be turned sideways and automatically switches into a widescreen mode. built in wifi, GPS, bluetooth and a 3 megapixel camera are all included. the major innovation in the palm pre is their all-new webOS platform, which is filled with powerful graphic and gesture-based interactions. additionally the device’s charger uses wireless power, a first in a mainstream device. The palm pre is set to launch early this year.


Dior Homme spring/summer eyewear


You can find these at any Dior Homme boutique

Jadakiss- Cant Stop Me

JADAKISS Pictures, Images and Photos

Kiss blesses us with a nice track. When is his album dropping???


Kanye x Louis Vuitton


Kanye gives us a sneak peak of his new shoe with Louis V. Dont get me wrong, these are a good start but most likely these are going to cost an arm & a leg so I suggest you settle of these Vans

Busta Rhymes ft Jeezy & Jadakiss- Conglomerate

busta rhymes Pictures, Images and Photos
Only thing I got out of this song was another wore to add to my vocabulary. I swear I never heard conglomerate before.


Promise ft Mickey Factz- Letter to Drake

Mickey Factz Pictures, Images and Photos


Kid Cudi- Sky High

kid cudi Pictures, Images and Photos
When I posted this I was class so I didnt listen to it. I had to go back & tell you all that this s$^% knocks!

Melody Ehsani spring/summer 09 collection

These will be available some time in march.
Click here to view more of the collection

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First WIFI digital camera

Sony just launched the DSC-G3.
The first good news is that the Sony G3 can connect to secure and public WIFI hotspots, including hotels and airports.
The second highlight is that customers will have a free WI-FI connection with AT&T (USA).
Quick Specs
4X Optical Zoom, Carl Zeiss lens
10 Megapixel
4GB internal memory
3.5” display (0.9 Megapixel)
$500 now at

This is not bad! I want one! But I usually dont hop on brand new technology until it is perfected. If you wait a few months I'm sure Nikon or Cannon will come blow this one out of the water

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- T.R.O.Y

Teirra Mari- Holla

Teairra Mari Pictures, Images and Photos


Got Next: Melanie Fiona

OMG! I think I am in love. She's a mixture of everything I love. Amy Winehouse, Chrisette Michelle, Janelle Monae, Joy Denalane & so forth & so on. I discovered her on Concreteloop, then I proceeded to her myspace. I admit it is a little tough to navigate but I found her music player & I was blown away from start to finish!

Here's a interview she did while on tour with Kanye

Visit her myspace HERE to check out her bio.
Purchase her soon to be hit single "Give it to me right" on iTunes HERE

Kanye makes the cover of Vibe!


I am still waiting on this guy to give up the depressed look. Props to Ye though.

These are niiice!

Swagga & Trilly (Lupe's clothing line) team up to bring some spiffy letterman jackets. These are available now at Choiceisyours.

Cool Stairs!

TAF stairs
Creative stairs in a private residence in Stockholm designed by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom

Floating stairs
floating” stairs designed by Florence architect Guido Ciompi for The Gray Hotel in Milan, Italy.

Disappearing stairs
With a press of a button–and some hydraulic pistons–this staircase folds up and disappears into the wall.

Stairway Drawers

The Longchamp store stairs
stairs at the Longchamp Store in NYC.

Levitate Architects came up with this ingenious solution to a book storage problem and created a loft-like bedroom nestled under the roof of the top-floor apartment.

Curvy Modern Marble Stairs

Colin Munroe ft Joel Ortiz- Piano Lessons

I love videos with great visual effects! This joint is off of Colin's latest project, Colin Monroe is the Unsung Hero. Directed by Philip Sportel.

Bags Bags & more Bags!

Alphabet Bag

Since I bought the Helvetica alphabet shirt from American Apparel (see HERE) I've become fascinated with things with letters on them. Ladies, if you buy this bag you can be my girlfriend! (only if you let me wear it of course) ^_^

Sabina Whipstitch Leather Satchel

Kimchi Blue Briefcase Bag

Buckle Briefcase

(Click the images to visit the sites)

Snazzy Alert!!!

Miharishi spring 09 Desert Boot

You can expect these to retail at about $170. They're going to drop pretty soon