Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ocean's 7 3009 & 9 Shit mixtape

This is a solid tape. I shitted on these guys when I first heard 'Owe Me Sex'. I actually like that track now. And 'So Much Swag' is still my fav. They both are on this tape. Plus they can't go wrong with Trey Songz in the group so check it out.

LOS @ Moe's Art Design Leading Graphic Company

This is old as hell but my homie David from Facebook just put me on. Son went retarded on this!

Damien Walters..The Anti-Gravity Man

Son literally hopped out of his t-shirt & pants. CRAZY! They should get him to do the stunts in the next Spiderman.

Toy Story 3 Trailer

I was just singing "you've got a friend in me" in class like 2 days ago. This is awesome! I haven't been to the movies in about a yr. This might actually get me there. Besides, it's not cool to bootleg an animated movie. I wonder how all the characters voice still sound like the old ones.

Kenny Shatz Photography

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hellz Bellz 09 Summer 'So Lolita' Collection

This collection is now available @ their online shop. Which is currently not working for me. You can also get these pieces from your local Hellz Bellz dealer.

Katy Perry Poses for Complex Mag

Lady Gaga= Paparazzi

I really don't know what to say. I think by the end of this chick's career she'll be up there with Beyonce, Madonna, & all the other top divas.

Day 26= Stadium Music

DAY26 STADIUM MUSIC from Kenneth K-mob Mobley on Vimeo.

Atleast they don't look like old men in this video like they did in that 'Imma Put It On Her' video. This is one of my favorite joints from these guys.

Ryan Leslie= Something That I Like

smh This guy makes nothing but hits!


Jeremih=Birthday Sex

I've heard a lot of people compare this dude to The Dream. He's waaaay better! He actually can sing!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry I'm Late

Sorry I'm Late from Tomas Mankovsky on Vimeo.

Looks like I've stumbled upon some dope material again. This reminds me of my childhood.

Tassle Moccasins @ Topman USA

Get yours here

Lady Gaga Covers Rolling Stones!

Wow..What will she do next??!

Amber Rose Taking a Stroll

Damn, it's kinda weird seeing her without Kanye by her side. I guess they really broke it off. That blazer she has on is ill!

Teyana Taylor= Complicated


Here's some photos from a photoshoot she recently did.

Fabolous+The Dream= Throw It In The Bag

'Everybody do the throw it in the bag'.. haha Fab you're funny. Loso use to be hardcore. He really switched his style up. I still ef with him though.

Ayo check out the track w/ Ryan Leslie @ 2:25. Instant classic!

The Dream+Kanye= Walking On the Moon

This reminds me of TLC's video for 'No Scrubs'.

Here's The Dream performing it on Jimmy Kimmel

This dude can not sing!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chip The Ripper=Anne's Plan

Chip is highly overlooked. I say he's got next! In this joint he spits over Santigold's Anne beat.


Pharrell Williams Talks Street Dreams

Pharrell Williams Talks "Street Dreams" from nation on Vimeo.

Pharrell talks about his involvement in the skate movie Street Dreams which was put together by Rob Dyrdek & Nino Scalia. The movie comes out June 12th and features some of the best skaters out(Rob Dyrdek, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Schekler, Terry Kennedy & Ryan Dunn)

Kanye West= Paranoid Video ft Rihanna

Umm I don't know what I think of this yet.
UPDATE! Kanye said that this isn't the official video. In fact, this is closest to what the real video will look like.

Here are some screenshots.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jay-Z= Can't Cheat Death

This isn't new material from Jay. It's just a verse thrown on a beat produced by DJ Premier. And we all know what Premo does with beats.



American Apparel Bootyless Tights!

Vick please pass on these. I swear if I see your 'big ole badonkadonk' in these I will be enticed to squeezing your ass!
These hit stores in August.
By the way, whoever this chick is, she's blessed!

Jordan 3 'True Blue'

My godbrother had these when we were little. Doesn't really mean much, I just thought I threw it out there. Rumor has it, these are suppose to re-release some time this yr. Be on the lookout.

You can get them here for a much more steeper price.