Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hemisphere Dominance Inventory

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Ok so my English teacher handed this out for the class to do on Friday & I am so bored that I type the whole thing for you all to do. Enjoy! ^_^ Oh & go grab a pen & paper before you start. Be sure to read the directions people!

Answer all of the following questions as quickly as possible. Do not skip any. If more than one answer applies, choose the one that best applies to you.

1. If you had to give someone directions to your house, which of the following methods would you most likely use?
a) Write a paragraph that explains where & when to turn.
b) Draw a road map.

2. Which of the following are you better at solving?
a) Jigsaw puzzle
b)Crossword puzzles

3. Do you remember faces easily?
a) No
b) Yes

4. Do you think you'd earn higher grades in a geometry or algebra class?
a) Geometry
b) Algebra

5. Imagine you're at a resort. Which of the following would you most likely do?
a) Obtain a brochure of local attractions and plan what you'd like to do for the day.
b) Drive around without a plan & decide what you'd like to do as you drive along.

6. What is usually easy or difficult for you to learn grammar in school?
a) Difficult
b) Easy

7. Imagine enrolling in a music course. You & a partner must write a song. Would you write the lyrics or compose the melody? (assume you have the ability to do both)
a) Write the lyrics
b) Compose the melody

8. When you read a new chapter in a textbook, which of the following are you most likely to do?
a) Skim through the entire chapter first to get an idea of what the chapter is about
b) Read the chapter from beginning to end without doing much skimming

9. In which of the following English classes would you most likely enroll?
a) Journalism
b) Creative writing

10. Imagine that you volunteered to work for the school newspaper. Which of the following would you rather do?
a) Cut & paste & lay out the stories & decide which stories should appear where
b) Write one or two of the stories

11. After reading a new chapter in a textbook, which of the following would you rather do?
a) Summarize the chapter
b) Outline the chapter

12. If you had an important project due in a class, would you rather work in a group or alone?
a) Group
b) Alone

13. Which of the following classroom situations do you prefer?
a) A teacher announces assignments on a weekly basis & sets specific, weekly due dates
b) A teacher announces all the assignments at the beginning of the course and allows you to complete them at any times before the end of the course

14. Which of the following statements best applies to you?
a) I'm good at guessing a person's mood by his or her body language
b) I'm not good at guessing a person's mood by his or her body language

15. Which of the following would you rather play?
a) Scrabble
b) Checkers

16. With which of the following statements do you most agree?
a) We should continue exploring outer space since one day this exploration may benefit us
b) We should continue exploring outer space only if we can be sure ahead of time of certain benefits we would receive

How many "a" answers did you have for odd-numbered questions?
How many "b" answers did you have for even-numbered questions?
Add up these two sums & this is your LEFT-HEMISPHERE total.

How many "a" answers did you have for even-numbered questions?
How many "b" answers did you have for odd-numbered questions?
Add up these two sums & this is your RIGHT-HEMISPHERE total.


Left-Hemisphere Dominance (left total=10 or more)
Your score indicates that your are generally a high organized person. If you're sloppy, even your mess makes sense to you. When given a job to do, you like to approach the task one step at a time rather than plunging into it. if you're involved in extra-curricular activities, you are probably well disciplined. In the future, you'd probably do well in areas such as accounting, engineering, or computer programming.

Right-Hemisphere Dominance (Right total=10 or more)
Your total indicates that you use intuition & creativity to achieve certain goals, rather than an detailed plan of action. You feel that too much planning tends to limit possibilities. If you're involved in extra-curricular activities that require practice or drilling, you perform well when inspired but otherwise do not enjoy the routine of practicing everyday. Chances are good that you are interested in music, art, athletics.

Balanced Hemispheres (both totals= less than 10)
Your score indicates that you fall somewhere between these two extremes. When given a job to do, you may prepare yourself by making lists (which is something a left-hemisphere person would do), but the lists may not be highly organized (which a right-hemisphere person may prefer)

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Beyonce behind the scenes for House of Dereon photoshoot

May I suggest watching Youtube videos in high quality. It's uber cool! You really can tell the difference. The colors are more rich & the sound is of better quality. Try it out on this video by clicking the little arrow at the bottom right of the video & click HQ. Beyonce's dress looks very dope in HQ.

Constructing an Outfit w/ Urban Outfitters

Ok I'm about to attempt to put an outfit together for a female. Wish me luck.
Click the pic to go straight to the product

So first up I spotted this Insight Fly in My Sky Dress retailing at $78.

Then you could wear this Mouchette Cropped Cardigan over it. It really doesn't have to be cold outside. These things are usually thin anyways. It's only $42.

Ok I think a pair of thin tights would go well with this outfit. Nothing extra, just something that will give your legs that brown tone. Only wear tights if you wear heels. But if you have great legs & you wanna flaunt them, skip this part.

As for shoes I like these
Frye Dara T-Strap Heel $188. A little high right. You can go to Forever 21 to get a pair that look the same & cost way less. But I find it real corny to mix Forever 21 with UO. But hey we wont know unless you tell us.

UO Macrame Leather Sandal

As for accessories I like this Kimchi Blue Crochet Belt for $20

& a nice clutch would top this outfit off. I say clutch because I hate when chicks wear those HUGE! purses.

Luther Vandross- Never Too Much

Never Too Much - Luther Vandross

So today I thought I'd go into a new direction with the throwback videos. The first few were all hip hop songs, now I think I'll venture off into some R&B n soul. Feel me?? But today's throwback joint is from Luther. This joint still keeps my family dancing at all of the family gatherings. Hopefully it can do the same for you today. Oh & R.I.P Luther.

Friendly Fries- Skeleton boy

All kinds of dope!

Got Next: Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi Pictures, Images and Photos
I remember hearing her song somewhere but I forget where. Nylon reminded me how good she was. She's also good lookin'.

Cilmi was born in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong. At an early age Cilmi developed an interest in a wide range of musical styles including Nina Simone, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, The Sweet, T.Rex and Cat Stevens. In 2004 Cilmi captured the attention of Warner Music executive Michael Parisi whilst giving an impromptu rendition of the Rolling Stones' song "Jumping Jack Flash" at the Lygon Street Festa, a community festival in Melbourne. At the age of thirteen Cilmi travelled to the US and UK with Adrian Hannan and was offered four major US deals. She eventually signed a contract with Island Records UK. She is now 17 & still doing her thing.

Sweet About Me - Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi

Click HERE to visit her site.

Rebirth of New Orleans by Nathan Sawaya



Check out what he had to say about this experience

drew my inspiration from the many drawings that the campaign received from children across the country. Children were asked to draw and write about what they felt was important for the rebuilding of New Orleans. Through the thousands of pictures, I definitely noticed that no matter where they were from, all kids had very similar ideas about what was important for a city. It would need a fire station, a hospital, schools and a park. They were drawn in different styles and a plethora of colors, but I saw these themes repeated again and again. Other common themes included hotels, houses and libraries. In the end, I used these drawings as inspiration to create the sculpture.

I really wanted to capture the look of the drawings by making the buildings brightly colored, slightly crooked or slanted in places, and the windows not always lining up.

The piece took me over six weeks to build and I used over 120,000 LEGO
elements. It's permanently on display in the Main Branch of the New Orleans Public Library.

Rick Ross- Mafia Music

RICK ROSS THA BOSS! Pictures, Images and Photos

Looks like he's back. I still fucks with him.


Friday, January 23, 2009

N.E.R.D interview with MTV

Vick this one is for you. I know you love P Willy!

Obama says "In there like swimwear"

haha I'm soooo fascinated by this man! When he says things like "Nah we straight" & "Im in there like swimwear", it really tickles my fancy hahaa ^_^. Oh & he disses Cipha Sounds by hanging up on him.

Hov & Affion Crockett (from Wildin Out)

I always wondered if Jay ever got mad at Affion for impersonating him. Watch the video & you'll find out. Plus Hov performs Public Service Announcement from the Black Album.

Betsy Johnson...for Less!

Betsy Johnson 5 Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm excited for this...I love Betsey Johnson stuff, it's really stylish and has one of the nicest fits around as far as dresses go...

After learning that Betsey Johnson was opting out of participating in New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February 2009, speculation indicates that she is likely to design a capsule collection for either Target or H&M for Fall 2009.
Alexander McQueen will release a capsule collection with Target this upcoming March as part of their new Designer Collaborations initiative, while Matthew Williamson will unveil a collection with H&M for the spring 2009 season.

Betsey Johnson CEO Chantal Bacon also let slip this nugget:

Ms. Johnson is planning a limited-edition design collaboration with a retailer that will likely launch in the fall. (She declined to offer specifics on the collaboration.)

Again, one can easily deduce a diffusion line for H&M or Target is probably in Betsey's future. Since luxury is on the way out, we expect to see more and more designers jumping on the diffusion bandwagon to reach a wider customer base.

K'naan freestyle on Alistradio

Remember this guy??

This is dope & all BUT!


you dont produce CD racks when CD sales are steadily declining! It doesn't take a rocket scientist people! But this thing is called an ishelf. I find it quite ironic that the same people who are apart of the reason for the decline in CD sales, create a shelf for CD's. Good thing it's only a concept.

Wait forrr it wait forrr it!

I must say, Gourmet is coming with some heat! After almost being forced to stop producing shoes because their shoes looked to similar to Jordans, they come back with a counter punch! Looks like 09 is going to be a new year for them. Click here to visit their website.




N4E1 (Not For Everyone) spring/summer 09





I might consider these looks when I'm looking for something simple to wear in the nightlife. Check 80spurple for this collecion

Curren$y This Aint No Mixtape pt 4

Spitta in the studio with Monsta Beatz. I still cant see myself in the store buying a Curren$y album. Not saying that I am not going to buy it but I never thought this guy would ever put out an album.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still smh

Poor white guy. Good thing this game wasn't in the hood. Everyone in the gym would have made their way to the court!

Jayz talks Blueprint 3!

La the Darkman ft Willie the kid- What Life's About

Willie The Kid Pictures, Images and Photos

hahaaaaa this is the shit! Im just a fan of LA Da Darkman & Willie da kid. They're a dynamic duo to me.


What's Really Going on Here??

Okay so here's a pretend video from a pawn shop that's pretty funny...after you watch this one look at the one below which is REAL...WTF is going on here?


BONUS - Montgomery Flea Market

Keyshia Cole- You Complete Me

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

La La La Laaa La La La La La La Laaaa

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Kanye West- Last Call

Last Call - Kanye West
First off press play on that. This track is so inspiring. I like to dream to it.

But man either Im really out of shape or you can really hurt yourself playing the Wii. My triceps are aching! & my thighs are burning. My little brother cant get enough of it. Guess I'm getting old =(.

And if that wasn't good enough for you, check out some old footage of Kanye chopping a beat up.

Mind Boggling!

"Tidal Datums" by Adrien Segal


adrien segal is a designer based in san francisco, california. she mainly creates furniture and home
accessories, many of which take inspiration from information and mathematics. ‘tidal datums’ is
a perfect example of her process. the table is made from wood and takes its form from the data
graphs measuring the tides at san francisco bay over a 4 week period. segal turns this date into
a tangible material, building a table with this information directly embedded within. segal uses this
data based process for its ability to generate dynamic forms and also as a way to experience
information through the body.



Quick Silver summer 09







Homegirl is giving her all with these poses.

Jay-z- History (live)

Hov performs History for the first time at the Inaugural ball. Dude needs to lose the glasses.

BREAKING NEWS: The first part of Lupe's album, Everywhere, will be released in June!


Shaking my head.. Next time your coach tell you to take the charge. Please dont listen or you'll end up like this guy. I would have asked to be benched after that play.

Love this..

Robin Thicke- Dreamworld

Thicke Pictures, Images and Photos
It's off his new album "Something Else". Puts me into deep thought. Vibe with me.

Got Next: Christina K


She reminds me of Kid Sister & Kelis so much! But I discovered her like 1 in the a.m. yesterday. Well today.
She was born in the small town of Capitol Heights in Prince Georges County, Maryland. She seamlessly blends hip-hop and pop genres without effort.
Check out her new video for her single "Tonight" as she takes us through a typical night in New York.

Christina K "Tonight" Video from rottingtv on Vimeo.

Check out her Myspace HERE for more music from her

I never knew transparency was so cool!







Bath Tub

ok this one disturbs me!