Saturday, June 6, 2009

Throwback : Ryan Leslie Interview Circa 1994

This dude BEEN dope...but lol at them glasses


this was SO random...I just hope we can get that interview in and the mixtape with Wiz! I just figured out how to do screen shots so I figured I'd do this one first! lol gotta love him right?? Imma have pics up from the show at the H.O.B. soon...

Mary J. Blige+Drake= The One


Big Sean+Kanye= Glenwood

This is actually Kanye's verse from a song called Wheely Shit that Kanye dropped a while back. Big Sean just blessed it with a hot 16.


Fabolous+Trey Songz= Last Time

Jay-Z= Death of Auto Tune

After first hearing this song I didn't like it that much. But then I heard the CD quality & I fucking love it! My man Hov did it again. And Ye put his foot in this beat! Putting an end to auto tune with this one!


Also check out the interview with Jay & Funk Master Flex while Jay was at a restaurant.

Floopy Head Mixtape

Floopy head Pictures, Images and Photos

I do my very well best to provide you all with dope music so here you go...first installment of a mixtape series by one of the dopest bands in the land! Floopy Head.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jordan 5 Motosports

These will release in the fall

Alphabet Drawers by Kent and London

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kanye's 10 Essentials+Freestyle

Here is an article Kanye did with on items he can't go without.

Kanye Freestyle (Dumskeme Exclusive) from Dumskeme X IllusiveMedia on Vimeo.

Well here's some footage of Ye spittin' on set of the 'Kinda Like a Big Deal' video.

Lil Wayne= Kobe Bryant

So Wayne make a track dick riding Kobe like everyone else....That's all I have to say about this. He's being Kobe's cheerleader on this song.


Need a Drake Fix??

drake Pictures, Images and Photos

well download this video of his live show in Chicago free!! ---> DOWNLOAD HERE

Sa-Ra+Erykah Badu= Dirty Beauty

Off to graduation practice!

Wale= Family Affair

Is the chick in the hook saying 'why me' or 'Wale'?

Ciara's Concert Pictures

So ummm..yea scroll down...

Keri Hilson Covers 944 mag

B-side Graffiti Bangles!

People like Beyonce, Keri Hilson, & Pharrell have worn their accessories. Ladies click here to get yours.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nikki NTU 'A History Of Dreams' EP

My homie Chels put me on Nikki a while ago. The first material I heard from her was on Melo-X's mixtape, 'Mustafa's Renaissance'. She straight ripped it! I could hear the hunger in her voice when she spit. So I'm encouraging you to download this 6 song EP. Believe it or not but these 6 songs are shittin' on some cats whole album! You won't be disappointed.

You Say Goodbye, I Say Cello!

'Cello' by Nathan Sawaya

Here's a video of the production.

Check out more of his art here.

Album Release Dates??

Well Kid Cud announced via Twitter that his album will be out Aug.25th which is 4 days before my birthday. Mark your calendars!

But word on the street is that Jay's Blueprint 3 will be released on 9-11. Just inside the 4th quater I believe. But remember I am only a blogger...

Mickey Factz+Kid Cudi= Do My Do

Damn, today is a music filled day! This is a cut from Mickey's upcoming album. Mick went in on this!


Metallic Silver Air Max '97's

I've always wanted to pick up a pair of these. I usually settle for a pair of 90's though.

Cop yours @ Caliroots.

The Clipse+Cool Kids @ Sneaker Pimps in MIA

produced by X

Sorry for all of the Clipse posts lately. I just love these fucking guys man! They deserve all the attention I've been giving them But in this video they chop it up with Chuck or Mikey from the Cool Kids. It's a shame I don't know which one is which. I'm sure Vick will scold me for this later. Oh! and they perform their single 'Kinda Like A Big Deal'. Which never gets old.

Mos Def+Talib Kweli= History

The sample on this joint is hittin'! This one is on Mos Def's new album Ecstatic

And you know the drill. No download links for album songs!

DMC+Afra= My Adidas!

This is soooo dope! I wouldn't be surprised if DMC & Rev Run have part ownership in the company. I mean they helped make it what it is today.

Kanye+Rihanna= Paranoid (final version)

This one's much better! They played this while I was eating with my compadres @ Cheddars.

The Sixth Sense

(For some reason, this video isn't playing for me in Firefox. It plays in Internet Explorer though. I may be missing a plug-in.) If you can't view it either just click here to view it.)

Besides the cruel acts that humans commit, I am amazed at how far we've come. Like the ideas people come up with are phenomenal!
This device acts as a 6th sense. It's a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Like on some Tom Cruise in The Minority Report type ish! I believe I posted something like this a while back. Skip to about 2:00 if you get tired of just hearing the lady talk.

Throwback - Afrika Baambata : Planet Rock

If you never heard this you slippin...hard

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

N.E.R.D @ Northwestern

Mannn it looks like they're having fun! It feels good to see someone living out their dreams.

This Made Me Log In & Blog!

Denim Dungaree

09 is the comeback yr for denim! Hurry up & snatch it @ Fruitionlv

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Great Hangover Tour featuring Asher Roth & Kid Cudi

I'm sooo excited about this! This could possibly top my summer off! Besides blowin with a pretty girl haha but this is right under that. It isn't coming to New Orleans though (although nothing good ever really does) which is where I probably will be @ the time. I might have to make a trip back to Dallas for this one!
Check out the tour dates though.

July 14
Boston, MA
House of Blues
w/ B.O.B and 88 Keys

July 15
New York, NY
Nokia Theater
w/ B.O.B and 88 Keys

July 16
Mariaville, NY
Indian Lookout
w/ B.O.B. and 88 Keys

July 17
Cleveland, OH
House of Blues
w/ B.O.B. and 88 Keys

July 18
Detroit, MI
Royal Oak
w/ B.O.B. and 88 Keys

July 20
Kansas City, MO
Voodoo Lounge
w/ B.O.B. and Pac Div

July 21
Denver, CO
w/ B.O.B. and Pac Div

July 22
Salt Lake City, UT
Harry O’s
w/ B.O.B and Pac Div

July 23
Las Vegas, NV
House of Blues
w/ B.O.B and Pac Div

July 24
San Francisco, CA
Regency Theatre
w/ B.O.B. and Pac Div

July 26
Los Angeles, CA
House of Blues
w/ B.O.B. and Pac Div

July 27
Phoenix, AZ
w/ B.O.B. and Pac Div

July 29
Dallas, TX
House of Blues
w/ B.O.B. and Pac Div

July 30
Austin, TX
w/ B.O.B. and Pac Div

July 31
Houston, TX
House of Blues
w/ B.O.B and Pac Div

August 2
Atlanta, GA
w/ B.O.B. and Pac Div

August 3
Norfolk, VA
w/ B.O.B. and 88 Keys

August 4
Baltimore, MD
Rams Head
w/ B.O.B. and 88 Keys

August 5
Washington, DC
9:30 Club
w/ B.O.B. and 88 Keys

Ryshon Jones= When You Take Over My Mind mixtape

I'm really impressed by this guy. This is def. worth a listen. Check it out for yourself.

Throwback : Crossroads - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

everybody had a older cousin who used to be singing this song 24/ know it!

I'M BACK!!!!!!

question mark Pictures, Images and Photos

I know ya'll are prolly like "who the hell is Vick, and why is she posting stuff on my dude Rich's blog" I know I've been gone for a very, very long time..but I'm back where I be long...I mean what would "The Unusual Suspects" be if there were only one Supect?? IT'D BE AWESOME, but none the less, I am back so Imma take a lil' bit of the heavy load of your shoulders Rich by doing a little posting! I missed ya'll so much!!



Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday's Best 5/31

Drake at HOT 97's Who's Next Live from Nitaboo on Vimeo.

Am I the only getting tired of seeing him perform the same songs?? I probably am.

Man I wish they had radio stations like this in the south. Radio shows rarely sit down & talk with artists. They just play the same microwave music (as Big Boy puts it in this interview) all day. But I enjoy hearing these two guys talk. If you, like me, are a fan of these two then give it a listen.

Here's some more stuff from these two.

I think I've hear this before. But I was a little disappointed with Free's last effort 'Philadelphia Freeway 2'. The first one was a classic. Isn't he suppose to be dropping an album with Jake One??