Sunday, March 1, 2009

Got Next:Jupiter Rising

They have that pop/soul type vibe going on & im diggin' it. I spotted them over at Nylon,visited their myspace & liked what I heard so I decided to do a post on them.

Growing up in Sacramento, he started out on saxophone at age 9. Spencer also took up beat-boxing, and loved underground hip-hop and club grooves. By the time he got to college, he’d shared stages with Busta Rhymes and The Clipse. Spencer started out studying International Business. But when he saw what Pharrell Williams had achieved with the boundary-pushing productions of the Neptunes, he decided to go for it.
Jessie Payo ran around the house singing show tunes and classic rock as a little girl in the Los Angeles area. But by the time she was 13, her natural talent was so pronounced she was fronting a band that went on to play the blues circuit for the next decade.
Momentum has been building around Jupiter Rising even since the group’s inception. The 2006 single “Go!” was a Billboard dance hit, and featured prominently in multiple movies and commercials, while their hit song “Electropop” has received over a million plays on MySpace. They have opened for The Black Eyed Peas and Lupe Fiasco, and their music has also popped up everywhere from sporting events to MTV’s Making the Band.

Here's the video for their single 'Falling Away'

Check out there live performance on Imeem

For more info check out there official site HERE.


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