Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cash Money Suing Somebody lol

WTF! I thought they were click type??? I won't say much about this until I hear from the other side. But whoever this dude is, his accent is very annoying.
Update I don't know what this is about but according to HipHopDX, Lil Wayne i suing QDIII(3) over documentary portrayal. Wayne alleges that the production failed to give him the final approval over the film as promised. He also claims that the documentary portrays him as a negative light. I say Wayne get over it. You give yourself a negative light through your music.
Update#2 This is what Drama told MTV News
"This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs DJ Drama. Me and Wayne are good," the DJ wrote. "I am confident that this matter will be resolved quickly without harming the relationships between myself, Wayne and Cash Money Records. However, due to the ongoing nature of this litigation I do not wish to make any further comments."


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