Sunday, April 5, 2009

Constructing an Outfit w/The Gap & J Crew

Alright this one is more for me. I just needed an outside opinion because I showed it to a few family members & they straight slammed my shit! Especially my moms. She claims that a denim jacket on top of a denim shirt is too hot but I disagree. I honestly think she doesn't like the fact that I'm wearing 9 inch shorts. (They stop above my knees) But give me your opinion.

Ok up first I bought the Iconic Denim Jacket from the Gap in a medium. It fits nice. I didn't want it to be all baggy & what not. I think I'm going to roll the sleeves up or atleast flip them up one time.

I also got the Fitted chambray shirt from the Gap. It's not as light as advertised. I'm going for a clean/cut look so I think I'll tuck it inside my shorts.

As for bottom I decided to go with the 9inch lightweight chino short from Jcrew. They're a little too light which makes them look like school shorts but I can look past that.

Now for shoes I got the Capital by Rockport Thorndike Wingtip Oxford. But mine are brown. Online they're $90 but I found them in the store for $59. Talk about a steal! They only had a 10 & 11 though. I could have went for a 10.5 but I oped for the 10. There was no way I was going to be wearing boats!

I might funk it out with a pair of shades. I could go for a new watch since my Cheapo broke. But what do you think about it??


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I like it! Denim on denim won't work if the pieces are close in color, but these look different enough. Good deal on choosing a chino short.

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