Sunday, April 19, 2009

Throwback: 80's Pop Classics Edition

Ok, I was watching the VH1 countdown of all the 80's one hit wonders so I've decided to hit ya'll with my fave 3 videos outta it, their all on some seriously 80's ish but all awsmazing in their own right! These would make some great samples, some of them have already been used because the melodies are just SO strong! ahha Enjoy!

1st up is Cars by Gary Numan, check out the tamborine vision homie has going on! He's like twilight vampire pale too!

2nd is Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie, enough said lol

3rd and finally we have Rockwell f/ Black MJ - Somebody's Watching Me, How the hell did he get Mike on this track and why does dude have this weird accent??


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