Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday's Best 5/31

Drake at HOT 97's Who's Next Live from Nitaboo on Vimeo.

Am I the only getting tired of seeing him perform the same songs?? I probably am.

Man I wish they had radio stations like this in the south. Radio shows rarely sit down & talk with artists. They just play the same microwave music (as Big Boy puts it in this interview) all day. But I enjoy hearing these two guys talk. If you, like me, are a fan of these two then give it a listen.

Here's some more stuff from these two.

I think I've hear this before. But I was a little disappointed with Free's last effort 'Philadelphia Freeway 2'. The first one was a classic. Isn't he suppose to be dropping an album with Jake One??


JussyJus said...

Drake...jus said..."im from Uptown, baby" LMAo ol canadian bacon ass maple leaf flag ass boy lyin on

RED n! killed me wit the moonwalk. them cats were destined to find one another for real. i can see them in high school raisin all hell

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