Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday's Best 6/11

Jordan 12 'Rising Sun'

These are expected to drop in October.

This is my first time seeing a bad performance form Jamie. Drake didn't do so good either if you ask me. He was looking down most of the time while performing. smh

So Mos Def being the person that he is, proposes a 'charity battle' in New Orleans. It's like a five man relay. His team would consist of Black Thought, MF Doom, Nas, & Jay-Electronica. He sent out a memo to Jay or Ye for them to get their squad together. I doubt that he'll get a reply.
But I wanna say something about this interview Mos did with Angie Martinez.^^^^^
It's the same as the situation with Method Man & Joe Budden. Joey feels that he's better than Meth & he voiced his opinion about it. And the hip hop community didn't appreciate that because Meth is a legend. I wonder if Mos will get the same treatment... I doubt it. I think it's because Mos is more laid back & Joey is seen as cocky sometimes.
But aside from all of that, who thinks that this will actually happen?? I don't but a man can dream right??

That red monster truck @ about 1:00 is sooo unnecessary...

These movies be having my toes balled up in my sneakers!


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