Saturday, January 24, 2009

Constructing an Outfit w/ Urban Outfitters

Ok I'm about to attempt to put an outfit together for a female. Wish me luck.
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So first up I spotted this Insight Fly in My Sky Dress retailing at $78.

Then you could wear this Mouchette Cropped Cardigan over it. It really doesn't have to be cold outside. These things are usually thin anyways. It's only $42.

Ok I think a pair of thin tights would go well with this outfit. Nothing extra, just something that will give your legs that brown tone. Only wear tights if you wear heels. But if you have great legs & you wanna flaunt them, skip this part.

As for shoes I like these
Frye Dara T-Strap Heel $188. A little high right. You can go to Forever 21 to get a pair that look the same & cost way less. But I find it real corny to mix Forever 21 with UO. But hey we wont know unless you tell us.

UO Macrame Leather Sandal

As for accessories I like this Kimchi Blue Crochet Belt for $20

& a nice clutch would top this outfit off. I say clutch because I hate when chicks wear those HUGE! purses.


L|z said...

WOWW Rich!! I loovee how u put that outfit together sooo perfectly!!
I might get that for spring now.. that would b soo cute to gether.
U shuld seriously become a stylist. forreal..

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiKE!!

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