Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kid Cudi Got Tasered But Not Arrested

That's why I waited to post this. Kid Cud confirmed that he did get tasered at the Reebok event but he did not get arrested. Here's what he posted on his blog
i was tasered (shit hurt like a muthafucka), I WAS NOT ARRESTED…

i left in my car service immediately after the incident took place….

i didnt put my hands on anyone; the muthafucka i was tryna touch, i couldnt reach his fuckin coller to grab him…

its not about me being a tough guy, i dont even like violence and id like to talk suttin out before it gets physical. with that bein said, u kno it had to be suttin really REALLY fucked up for me to want to physically attack anyone…however i dont condone violence and i shouldnt have said anything to the douche, i just have a lot of shit on my mind at this time in my life, i let suttin petty get to me…u always hear the drama but wut about wuts goin on in my life? theres always a method to my madness, remember that when u think or hear suttin about me….

Kid Cud also said that he & Kanye will be on 106 & Park Thursday to debut the official video for Day N Night. Good news!


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