Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Larry Estridge: New Sculpture

Wow we haven't had an art post in a while but since I've been taking sculpture at school I really learned to appreciate art & all its forms.

new work by sculptor larry estridge is currently on show at miami’s charest-weinberg gallery. these new
works are a continuation of estridge’s recent focus on abstract works made from aluminium and steel.
the works explore primary forms by sculpting 2-d metal pieces into 3-d objects of archetypal content.
each piece is equally formed by the positive and negative space within it. the works manage to reference
renaissance forms and aboriginal art, despite their abstract nature. the artist uses pieces of metal that can
be as long as 12 ft., bending, folding and curving them into his sculptures. each piece is then coated with
a glossy automotive finish, playing off the associations to the automobile and the industry’s current state.

via designboom


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