Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Constructing An Outfit w/..

Yep you guessed it. My ex favorite store Urban Outfitters

I spotted this shrunken flannel. It's actually a classic vintage men's flannel but it is fitted in a more modern, feminine fit and topped with cropped sleeves. It's only $48. There are more colors available too.

Next we have the 'I love new shit' v neck tee. It retails at $28. I think it's really dope but I wouldn't wear it if you're gonna wear the flannel over it.

Or you could wear the 'Vive Le Pop' deep v neck tee. It's on sale for $19

If you don't like those two you could pick out the 'Tokyo Heart' burnout crew neck tee. It's only $14

As for bottoms I liked the BDG 5-pocket denim short. They're $48.

Or you could go for the lighter jeans & get the Levi destroyed denim shorts for only $28. If you want my opinion, I'd pass on these. It looks as if you could destroy an old pair of jeans & they'll come out looking like this. But hey it always looks that way when you try to play fashion designer & screw up a pair of jeans.

Last for shorts, I found the BDG destroyed denim shorts. Now these look much more neat than the Levi's. They're $58. So it's your choice. Go cheap & messy or a little bit pricey & neat.

Now as for shoes, I would say it depends on the occasion. If you're gonna wear this to a walk in the park or just a regular outing, I suggest a pair of red authentic Vans. I absolutely love those shoes. They can go with anything. Get 'em at Zappos to take advantage of free shipping. But if you're going to the club or a party, I would wear heels. Not sure which ones but def. heels

Ok I think this conclude today's segment of 'Constructing An Outfit'


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