Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dream Book

Ok so I was doing one of my routine day dreams in first period today & I came up with this brilliant idea (well in my opinion it is). Well you could say I came up with two. One of em was to start something I would like to call a dream book. I like to dream a lot. My brain is constantly flowing with thoughts & innovative ideas. And I always end up forgetting those ideas because I never write them down. Someone once told me that if you write things like goals & ideas down then you're more likely to go through with them. So I've finally decided to take heed to that several years later. Basically I'm going to buy a book and write down my dreams in it. I'm gonna need one with a lock on it so my parents can't read it. They might think I'm a weirdo lol. I guess you could call it a diary but if I would have titled it that then the blogging world would have thought I was some homo. This is what inspired 'The Dream Book'. Lately, I find myself wanting to help people. Especially the youth. I think that if you could reach out to young people then our society would be a lot better. Also For some odd reason I was thinking about homeless people. In my hometown, New Orleans, there are several homeless people living under the bridge... Wait I guess I should have told ya'll about my dream of opening up a sneaker boutique with my homie Lo. Well yea me & him want to open up our own sneaker boutique. And I was thinking like, we could raise money to buy food for the homeless and have this huge cookout & try to feed as many people as we can!
As you can see, your dreams don't have to be in order. Like I don't have to start of dreaming of opening a sneaker boutique, I could dream of something that happens later on in the process of opening up a sneaker boutique & then put all the pieces together. Boy this sounded much better about 8 hours ago. But oh well, next time you have a dream, write it down...


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