Friday, April 17, 2009

Monster Musik Tour Footage!

ok so last night some really cool kids that I happen to have the pleasure of knowing and going to school with had an awsmazing show last night featuring some pretty dope artists.

Up and coming artists such as AA and Konfidenze opened for the hard hitters, coincidentally they will be the first interview in our 5 Questions at 5 Interview Series!

The featured artists included G-Eazy [never particularly cared for dude,lonnggggg story! But now that I know him he's really cool and VERY talented], Famous Stranger, Raw Dizzy, Curren$y, Corey Gunz, and PNC...very excellent line-up...but anyways the show was great, I met almost all of the artists and their people and had a great time! Enjoy the footage!


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