Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ryan Leslie @ Rutgers In The Rain

We haven't had a R-Les post in a while

Rutgers in the Rain from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Here's what he had to say about it on his blog

When I stepped on stage to do this show, I had already been warned that rain was eminent. Regardless, I made up my mind to give the most explosive show possible given the circumstances. As it began to pour, stage hands and friends did their best to cover my favorite performance board - first with towels and then with plastic. Evan did his best to cover the camera with a green cloth (you’ll see it flapping in the clip) so that I could share this moment with all of you

Despite the rain and the shortened set, I had a blast and made a note to always bring a change of clothes. My tee, jeans, socks, and shoes were still heavy with water after a 2-hour drive home.

Many thanks to the band who rocked out with me as their instruments were drenched. God bless everyone in the audience who pulled out their umbrellas, ponchos, or just got soaked the same way I did so that they could encourage me as I performed. I appreciate and love you all.

Good guy!


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