Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday's Best 5/10

There's a few reasons I'm posting this. 1) To post this homo ass picture that him & Bow Wow took a while back. 2) Because the shit is kinda catchy. 3) Damn I forgot 2 but check it out.


Wiz Khalifa " Ink My Whole Body"- Fab 5 Ent Records/Taylor Gang Ent from Barry Hefner on Vimeo.

This video is OD dope! It has that 'Through The Wire' type thing goin on. My boy Mike tried to put me on this dude but I never listened. I just realized that he's the same guy that made this song.


Busta Rhymes ft John Legend, Common, Jamie Foxx & Mary J Blige- Decision

If you're a fan a hip hop you have to watch this! Vibe mag recently put together a bracket of the best rappers. And Joey was pissed because he was a 32 seed. haha I totally disagree with his position. Dude looks offended.

Freeway, Styles P, Beanie Sigel, & Uncle Murda On The Spot Freestyles w/ DJ Green Latern

This is classic material! I seen this like a million times. I first heard it on Green Lantern's mixtape @ Hip HopDx

Here's part 2.

Bun B - Keepin' Air Yeezy's Clean from on Vimeo.


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