Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Exclusive Unusual Suspects Interview with Floopy Head!

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So, I recently had a chance to go see not one, but two Floopy Head shows when they were down here in New Orleans, and got an interview with my son Charles whose the drummer in the band. If you didn't know, Floopy Head is one of the DOPEST bands in New Orleans right now and if you ask me, they're just plain dope in general...So I held it down and got a few questions goes nothing

Vick -Floopy Head is a pretty unconventional name. Where exactly did it come from.

Charles- The name came when all the guys were practicing and we were brainstorming names. We couldn't think of any good ones and then our keyboardist started joking around and started making crazy names. Floopy Head was one of them and we all laughed when we first heard it. Then about a week or two before our first performance we still didn't have a name and we went around our school with a list of about 8 names and we had people vote on which ones they liked. Surprisingly Floopy Head was on the list and was the one that got the most votes. Now whenever someone see's our name they either mispronouce it as floppy or think what the heck? At least we're the first thing that comes up when you google us.

Vick - Your sound may be just as unconventional as your name, describe the feel and your influences.

Charles - Our sound is just really starting to come together. For a while we wanted to be a jazz band that combined hip-hop and jazz and brought music to some new level. We soon realized that there many jazz musicians who like hip hop and have been trying to do the same thing for years. We figured we couldn't stay in the same box forever. We all come from very diverse backgrounds and unconsciencously we all bring these different influences to the table when we come together to play. Our guitar player likes alot of experimental rock music whereas our keyboard player is really gospel and R&B influenced. This leads to a big collage of sounds. On top of this we have a MC holding it down and the end result is hip hop some type of way.

Vick -Who is in Floopy Head?

Charles - Floopy Head consists of: Chris Gee "Origin-Ill(ill like sick so orginal is what it sounds like not origin 3) Killer Mentalist" a.k.a The Jazz Poet-vocals, Jasen "Weaverman" Weaver-bass, Stephen "Saxy Slim" Gladney-saxophones, Tyler "Ginsberry" Ginsberg-trombone, Cliff"Super-Cliff" Hines-guitar/????, Shea"Dizzle" Pierre-keys, Luke Sahma-dj, Charles "nick name TBA" Burchell-drums

Vick -How did you all meet?

Charles- Floopy Head met at a recording session. The band that was being recorded was The Black Notes which most of the Floopy Head members are apart of. Chris our MC was the engineer recording us. After the session we started a jam session and he started rapping and the rest is history.

Vick -Where can we hear more of you

Charles - If you want to hear more Floopy Head music go to (to be edited) or Also search for our videos on youtube. If you want to download the music you can find us on Itunes. We will also have some free mixtapes avaliable in march


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