Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is dope!..disappearing car door

Although they made it look extra corny in the video demonstration, this is really tight to me!This is one of the coolest modifications you can do to your car. The Disappearing Car Door technology is basically a retracting mechanism applied to car door of your choice. No it doesn’t use any teleportation technology from Star Trek; it just retracts the entire door of the car at the bottom of the car providing a spacious exit from the car. This eliminates you worrying to hit another car when you are opening your car door at a parked station. How it works is that you press the key to open the door and the door slides to the bottom of the car and then you can close the door by pressing the closing button command. The door is also equipped with sensors so it can close it self sometimes and it never closes while you are in the way with the help of it sensors. Its kind of like the elevator doors.


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