Monday, December 15, 2008

Suspect Mondays 1st post!

Name: Neely
Location: Houston County Ga
Age: 17
What are you wearing?
Wet Seal graphic tee
Hot Wheels watch
Wet Seal Skinnies
Ferris Bueller Nike SB Dunks
What's the most important part of your outfit?
definitely the dunks

Name: A'Jienne (Apple.)
Location: New Orleans.
Age: 17
What are you wearing?

BDG Buffalo Plaid button down blouse (urban)
American Apparel Tee

American Apparel Tights

Jordan 6 rings

What's the most important part of the outfit?
To me...personally///..the kicks. 6 em.

Name: Lazy P
Location: GA, yeah Atlanta
Age: 18
Profession: Working at gay ass Macy's
Ambition: future professional photographer

Houston Rockets throwback adjustable cap- $5
iPod Touch earbuds- $250 (along with 'pod, of course)
Black Label Skateboards Tee- $20
Khaki Slacks- $15 (got 'em on sale at the gap)
SB Blazers, Pac-Man Edition- $60
Enjoi Skate Deck- $50 (it has a panda on it)

Most Important Part of Outfit:
It has two most important parts: first is the iPod. It puts me in my zone when I'm listening to good music. And it also feels good to be able to shut out othe people when I feel like it.
The second most important part is the pants. Slacks is comfortable as shit. And plus I like the way they sit on my shoes and show just the right amount of the nike swoosh.

Next week's question is: What is one of your fashion flaws?
Remember to submit your pictures to for next week
thanks peeps


Raven said...

this tight ima summit a photo.

Jana said...

Neely is looking good..! Well, I too have a Wetseal graphic tee.

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