Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Rich is listening to

If I remember I'll try to post one of these every week or so.

First up: Is the Clipse. I listen to them almost everyday. These guys are so under rated. They go so hard. I think the things they rap about may go over a lot people's head. Listen to their first album Lord, their second album Hell Hath No Fury, their host of mixtapes such as We got it 4 cheap vol. 3 We got it 4 cheap vol. 3. And you can find till the road to the casket drops in our blog archives.

Second: Is Gemstones or Gemini. I was listening to this guy as I was getting dressed to go to the mall. I can hear the hunger in his voice.

gemstones (The Testimony of Gemstones)(Fahrenheit 1/15)

Gemstones - Fahrenheit 1/15 Part V: Gemstones - Untamed Beast

Third: is Freeway aka Philly Freezer! Man I swear ever since like the summer of 05 when he dropped Philadelphia Freeway, I've been on this guy hard! I bought his most recent album Free at Last & they are both classic material to me.

Fourth: Fat Joe.. I know people are looking at their computer screen like there's a glitch in the pixels or something but for some reason I like Joe. Although I first heard him & Pun on Deep Cover(twins), I really got on him when he dropped Me Myself & I & his latest album, Elephant in the room. They both are close to classic material to me.

Fifth: Da Goonz. These niggas right here! Get me pumped for no reason. Me & my homie App been on these guys since the summer of 06. Although there is only two guys that rap, you will never see these guys with less than 20 people with Goonz shirts on. Visit their myspace or check out my imeem page HERE to hear more from them.

Sixth: Elzhi.. One of my friends from school put me on Elz. Im very thankful for him. He's with slum village but recently released a solo album called The Preface. He spits over some nice beats & saying he has nice lyrics would be an understatement.

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