Saturday, March 21, 2009

Got Next: P.O.S

I discovered P.O.S on Spin magazine's 'Top 20 must hear artist from SXSW in Austin' post on their site. I was like "mann this beat is dope." Then I started paying more attention to his lyrics & I was immediately drawn into this guy. Here's a little background info on him.

P.O.S was born in Minneapolis as Stefon Alexander, where everybody still calls him Stef. As a little kid, he developed a fascination with an older cousin’s bass guitar. Stef was allowed to take it home and he banged on it happily for years before realizing that it was intended to be played through an amp. “I just thought it was supposed to be a quiet instrument.” As a teenager, he fell hard for punk rock. Minor Threat, At the Drive-In, Refused, Kid Dynamite. He played in a series of hardcore bands, sometimes as a drummer, sometimes on guitar and vocals. From the start, he preferred basement shows to club gigs. Simultaneously, he pursued hip hop, rapping in the hallways and after school with classmates who would eventually found Doomtree Records. P.O.S released his first rap record, Ipecac Neat, on Doomtree in 2003. After signing with Rhymesayers shortly after, it was quickly released and widely distributed on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The album earned P.O.S a dedicated following of critics and underground fans. Two years later they devoured his melodic sophomore release Audition, which featured collaborations with heavyweights like Slug from Atmosphere; Craig Finn of The Hold Steady; and Greg Attonito of The Bouncing Souls. On the verge of his third release, with his trajectory unchecked, P.O.S still doesn’t take himself too seriously. He doesn’t sweat the musical trends. He locks himself in his bedroom studio until the early hours of the morning, emerges with a song, and couldn’t care less how someone else would have gone about it.

Yep so he sounds like the type of rappers I enjoy. Don't give a f&*k about what anyone else is doing, he just does his own thing

Check out his video for 'Optimist' which recently premiered on MTV2 & MTVU. It's dope!

If you like what you saw listen to more of his tracks.


Check out his myspace HERE for more fresh sounds.


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