Wednesday, March 18, 2009


this was my face when you took that low was worth a whole post!

well not really but Imma post it anyways!

but to make this worth while, here's what Urbandictionary says a "Jawn" is


a word used by people in philly, it can mean anything, like a fine girl, a blunt, really, it can be used for everything. it basically means "thing".

Oh yeah it was origin8ed in PHILLY not NY
Yo pass me that jawn
Dayum that jawn is fine as hell
what the F*** is that jawn
Yo....Who took that jawn


Rich said...

lmfao! that face is priceless!

son I swear you look like my lil cousin
(that lil baby I showed you a whole ago)

thanks for clearing that up for me

Vick. said...

lol thats why I posted it....I was like lemme take a pic cause this is really how I feel!

but anytime Rich!

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