Thursday, December 4, 2008

Got Next:DarkSyde Yakusa Republic

Are you intrigued by weird things? Well keep on reading " Yakuza Japanese has unique grammatical structures, unusual pronunciation, and a colorful vocabulary. " Started in the home of founder Aknahlij'd 1 aka Jizzle aka Percussion Junkie Shuttlecock aka Skipp McGillian. Thhe group was at first a threesome composed of the mighty AKN and former members Boss aka David Simmons and Michael Flot aka....idk epidemik or some other kind of odd misspelling of the word. Regardless, via a realization of lack of skill around him, the mighty one moved on and found solice in a close friend in Tyronne Augusta aka Pathejenik aka the millions of other discarded nicknames that came and went. These two along with the mascot work of Boss made rumblings around the internet poetry circles, mainly on where they would eventually form the third incarnation of the DYR with friends Troy Baham and Chaz Simms, whom Path attended high school with.
song about nothing - DarkSyde Yakuza Republic
Hear more from these guys HERE


Fist Fucker 45 said...

these is the dopest niggas i ever heard in my life. i just played that fucking song about five times. hot shit

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