Friday, November 28, 2008

H&M 2009 spring preview

I never really heard of H&M until about a month ago. I thought they were another high price brand but I recently paid a visit to their website & I saw that their clothes were merely affordable. In this collection you'll see more modish pieces such as, blazers, cardigans, & outwear.


liz said...

Thease are cute for the preppy boy. I visited the H&M in chicago for the first time and i actually liked it. It had like 3 floors and it made me feel like i was in new york.. lol even though its liek a swedish company or something..
But I also realized that they size their clothes super differently lol
But I loved the look and feel of the store and the quality of the clothes werent that bad at their prices. And the dressing rooms were uberrr cool!! lol
LUV H&M =]
it made forever21 feel watered down a lil lol

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