Friday, November 28, 2008

Set your wrist on fire! (metaphorically)

The Kisai Denshoku (Illumination) is new watch design available from Tokyo Flash With the push of a button the 12 bars light up in a three-part sequence to tell the time. First hours, then 10-minute blocks, then individual minutes. The watch is available now for about $250 in both colorways.

This one is called the Fire.Created from a fusion of plastics carefully wrapped around a solid, seamless sheet of highly polished stainless steel, Tokyoflash Fire features a new formation of multi-colored LEDs and is a lightweight design, built to last. Each hole, with two LEDs beneath the surface represents one unit of time. Yellow LEDs indicate hours 1-12, red LEDs indicate groups of 10 minutes and green LEDs indicate single minutes 1-9. This one retails for $130. Anyone care to tell me why the better looking watch is cheaper?


liz said...

I luvvv this kind of stuff..
My teacher had a clock like this in class. and we never could figure out how to tell the time. And I would get soo frustrated because i would sit there and actually try to figure it out... because mr. e wouldnt tell us untilt he end of the skool year! lol
But yea. If they make girly ones i will deff. cop one.. I would hav to read the directions religiously lol
To understand how to use it =]

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