Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kanye Pinocchio Story freestyle

Ayo real talk this man is hurtin' & I hate to see him like this. I dont mean to sound selfish but I just wish he can get well soon & deliver another College Dropout type album. Im in deep need for another one of his soulful beats! But this is a good lil performance. I swear I could listen to this while im in my bed at night fallin asleep. It puts me in a mellow mood. O yea & go cop 808's & heartbreaks!


liz said...

YES!! First off I would like to say that 808's and Heartbreaks is a wonderful emotional album. I just bought it today ad I love it just as much as I am.. Sasha Fierce!!...
And yes he does seem to be hurting even though he said on 106 and park yesterday that hes really not as much anymore...
Also I love this track. a classic.

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